CD 356 Reflection 3

“… Modern teacher, of course, do not know that they are killing the souls of children, but they actually do this.”(4)
– I think this point, (as well as the whole model in my opinion) is completely egocentric and narrow minded. “killing the souls of children”, is a bit extreme. I think rather that all spiritual and no concrete, a more holistic model would be more beneficial anyways.

“How many modern adults have problematic characteristics?”(4)

– I have a problem with this as well. I prefer a more strengths based/ empowerment based approach to talking about people. Labeling adults (or children!) IS problematic and helps no one. This lost the entire model some credibility as far as I am concerned.

“When we teach children, we must begin to turn our inner soul-gaze fully on to the child’s individuality.”(12)

-I like this idea. Recognizing the child’s individuality rather than lumping  them in with the group is important, as well as seeing them while being aware of biases and lenses we bring.


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